Buggi Popper

Buggi PopperThe Buggi Popper is the ideal ultra–light topwater lure. Twitch it with the rod high and it splashes. Twitch it with the rod low and it spits. Crank it steadily and it swims and gurgles. Fish find it hard to decide which retrieve they like best.

Mayfly Minnow

Mayfly MinnowThe Mayfly Minnow represents one of a trout’s favorite foods, the mayfly nymph. Slowly crawl the Mayfly Minnow on the bottom of the stream (with the aid of a split shot, if needed) for best results.

Sea Beeti' Crank

Sea Beeti' CrankThe Sea Beeti’ Crank imitates any number of freshwater beetles and saltwater critters (such as sand crabs) that fish feed on when the opportunity arises. Think of them as fishy snacks, something fish eat between meals. Fish the Sea Beeti’ Crank slowly on the bottom, watch for the subtle take, then strike the hook hard!

Spider Crank

Spider CrankFish eat spiders more often than you think, and the Spider Crank can help you catch a few extra fish. Cast the Spider Crank under overhanging branches and retrieve slowly so the Spider Crank looks as if it’s skating on the surface. The perfect hot summer afternoon bait.

G–Hope Crank

G–Hope CrankGrasshoppers and crickets are important food staples for trout, panfish, and smallmouth bass, and the G–Hope Crank is River2Sea’s answer to these tasty insects. Use weightless when casting or trolling for trout, fish it near the bottom with the help of a large split shot for panfish and smallmouth bass.

Betit Crank

Betit CrankAnother lure that works best on warm windy days, the Betit Crank is cute as a bug…a lady bug! The Betit Crank is especially effective for trout during those times between major hatches. Try rigging the Beetit Crank in tandem for a different look.

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