CrawlerThe Crawler Crank mimics a crawdad as it scurries across the bottom of a lake or stream. On a medium or medium fast retrieve, the Crawler Crank swims backward like a frightened prey creature, its articulated claws flaying away behind it. Or add a large split shot a few inches ahead of the Crawler Crank and fish it slowly. It will look like an easy meal.


SnubSnub is the perfect bait when game fish are in the shallows, and a tight, fast wiggle is needed. Snub’s angular features and nose gives it the perfect profile to fool fish into striking. Tungsten Weight Transfer System gives the angler control on the cast, and plenty of noise to pull the fish in to strike.


GrippThis diminutive crankbait is deadly when fish are in the shallows. Whether targeting bass or panfish, Gripp will create strikes with its subtle rolling action at or near the surface. Tungsten Force System gives the angler plenty of casting control, and rattle on the retrieve.

Cranky M

Cranky MCranky M is a versatile, medium depth floating crankbait that gives anglers the ability to retrieve the lure at any speed, but is especially deadly when retrieved at blazing speeds, as Cranky M stays true, but “hunts” slightly on its track. Cranky M is durable and built to withstand the rigors of competition. Cranky M features a coffin lip to assist in deflecting the bait off cover, while its tight wiggle mimics the frantic actions of a fleeing baitfish. River2Sea’s exclusive Tungsten Force rattle system creates a ruckus to attract game fish. As with our other products, this dynamic new lure family features ultra sharp Daiichi premium treble hooks that grab hold when they strike.

Hi Dep Crank

Hi Dep CrankHi Dep 65
Looking for the classic wobble of a medium depth diving crankbait, the Hi Dep 65 is all that and more. With a streamlined shape and River2Sea’s Tungsten Weight Transfer System, Hi Dep 65 will cast like a bullet, run deep and suspend when stopped.
Hi Dep 88
At 88 millimeters, the Hi Dep 88 is a big crankbait fan’s dream. With the capability to run to 15 foot or more (depending on the line used), and River2 Sea’s exclusive Tungsten weight transfer system, Hi Dep 88 will get in the bass’ face and stay there.

V–Crank Wake

V–Crank WakeV–Crank is one of the most dynamic crankbaits on the market, and now it is available in a shallow, waking version. This jointed shallow running crankbait features River2Sea’s exclusive Pin and Tenon hinge designed for ultimate strength and smooth swimming action. Of course. V–Crank Wake features the metal clickers molded into the joints so that he can make as much noise as his older brother.

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