Stand'n Yabbie

Stand'n YabbieStand’n Yabbie isn’t afraid to stand up to bass! Crawdads are a favorite food item for bass and they don’t give up without a fight. A crawdad assumes a defensive posture with claws held high, as their last act of defiance before becoming supper. Stand’n Yabbie is designed to mimic that stance; with one major difference, this crawdad bites back!

Super Yabbie

Super YabbieNow the Yabbie can work for you in the thick stuff!! A weedless version of the most lifelike Crawfish imitation ever made! Anglers kept asking for it, and here it is, the Super Yabbie. It has all of the same features of our popular Stand’n Yabbie along with a weedguard, stouter hook and more durable super plastic.