Jerk Shad

Jerk ShadThis hard plastic shad imitator is a must have for anglers who fish lakes with shad as a primary bait fish. The perfect profile of a shad to fool even the most educated fish, the Jerk Shad will earn its keep time after time. Jerk Shad is the first lure of its type to incorporate a weight transfer system in the form of River2Sea’s Tungsten Weight Transfer System. This system allows Jerk Shad to be cast further and run deeper than other baits in its class. Truly a versatile bait, Jerk Shad is a capable compact jerkbait or a shad bodied crankbait with an exceptionally wide wobble.

Suspen' 88

Suspen' 88Suspen’ 88 is the bait to try when a slim profile is needed and a subtle action is what the fish respond to. The 88 millimeter Suspen’ 88 features a long diving lip to help drive the bait into the five to seven foot range, where it will respond to subtle twitches of the rod and suspend when paused. River2Sea’s exclusive Tungsten Weight Transfer System helps Suspen’ provide the angler with long, accurate casts; even into the wind.

Trophy Minnow

Trophy MinnowTrophy Minnow is River2Sea’s most complete family of jerkbaits. Trophy Minnow comes in three sizes, 78, 98 and 108 millimeters, with the 98 having both a shallow and deep dive version. Trophy Minnow 78 and 108 are available in the deep dive versions. All members of the Trophy Minnow family feature River2Sea’s exclusive Tungsten Force Weight Transfer System, and all are designed to suspend when paused.

Fetch Minnow

Fetch MinnowYou hunt’ em, and this bait will “fetch” ‘em! The Fetch Minnow is designed to run truer and deeper than any bait before it. Fetch Minnow is made to have a more consistent digging action that will allow the lure to run deeper than other baits of this type Fetch Minnow casts further and runs deeper than other baits in its class and suspends at pause thanks to River2Sea’s exclusive Tungsten Weight Transfer System. With three premium Daichi treble hooks Fetch Minnow will retrieve her quarry when they strike. Fetch Minnow is available in two sizes, 88 and 108 millimeters. Fetch Minnow 88 will run in the seven to nine foot range, while the 108 is capable of reaching past the elusive 10 foot mark.


RipperA step above the standard jerk bait, Ripper Series jerkbaits offer the angler two size options. The series contains the features and components that world class anglers require. Use the Ripper Series when the bass in your lake are shallow and looking for the erratic action of a wounded minnow.