QuiverA step above the common soft plastic stick bait, Quiver is available in two sizes to appeal to the bass in any lake. Loaded with salt and our exclusive SupeR2Scent, with the added benefit of an internal rattle slot and optional rattles, Quiver will produce fish under any condition, whether on a wacky rig, Texas rig, or lead head jig.


V–TailV–Tail 90 is truly a unique finesse worm. The split tail of this beauty adds action to the bait when used on any classic finesse application. Add River2Sea’s exclusive SupeR2Scent and fish in you lake will not be able to resist.

Live Squid

Live SquidLive Squid is an artistic imitation of the favorite prey of countless saltwater gamefish. Fish singly or in a chain, the Live Squid will no doubt produce outstanding results for a day spent on the briny deep.

Sting Tail

Sting TailUse Sting Tail when you need one of the most versatile finesse worms available today. A classic finesse worm profile with the added attraction of River2Sea’s exclusive SupeR2Scent makes Sting Tail perfect for use on anything from a down shot rig to a jig head.

Wobble Tail

Wobble TailWobble Tail is a unique soft plastic jerkbait. Wobble tail can be used on or under the surface, or on a jig head or Texas rig. Wobble Tail has the added attraction of a small boot tail and River2Sea’s exclusive SupeR2Scent for enhanced fish attraction.