Terminator Vibe

Terminator VibeBig game, blue water calls for the Terminator Vibe as the ultimate high speed saltwater trolling plug. The body of the Terminator is literally armor clad (ABS material, strongest material used in the market), with a stainless steel wiring system and stainless rings, braced (up to 500 lbs test for the 250 model), 3 layers of high–end coating make it highly resistant to the ravages of toothed fish like wahoo and kingfish. The Terminator Vibe has tight pulsating action that is hydro dynamically stable at speeds of up to 12 knots. Armed with heavy duty stainless steel hooks (with ball bearing swivels on the larger models), you will be ready to take on the toughest brutes in the ocean.

Diver Vibe

Diver VibeLipless vibrating crankbaits account for huge numbers of bass catches every year. While most lipless baits are full of rattles, River2Sea’s Diver Vibe offers anglers something other vibrating baits don’t; subtlety. Using a lead body encased in hard plastic Diver Vibe puts all of the vibration into the water with finesse, giving wary bass one more reason to bite.

Glassie Vibe

Glassie VibeLooking for a search bait that even a finicky gamefish will strike? Look no further than Glassie Vibe. Glassie Vibe is a minnow shaped vibrating bait in the style of classic blade baits, with a twist; Glassie Vibe is a hard plastic body encasing a lead weight. Use in a yo–yo fashion, or on a straight retrieve to fool gamefish on your lake.

Steel Tremor

Steel TremorSaltwater vibrating baits are quaking in their boots; River2Sea’s Steel Tremor is in the water. Steel Tremor is uniquely designed to run at different depths and speeds by utilizing the multiple line tie positions. Constructed of stainless steel to withstand the harsh conditions of the saltwater environment, and the meanest gamefish in the ocean. This durable construction also creates a unique vibration pattern marked by a lot of flash and noise. Steel Tremor is available in three sizes and four high quality River2Sea finishes.

Twin Vibe

Twin VibeTwin Vibe is one of the most realistically shaped vibrating baits on the market today. The realistic features and loud tungsten rattles make Twin Vibe an excellent choice for covering water in a hurry. Twin Vibe gets its name from its double line ties. These line ties change the center of gravity allowing the angler to use the front position for a shallow retrieve and the rear position for a deeper one.

Tungsten Vibe

Tungsten VibeThe Tungsten Vibe will crawl through cover like no other lipless crankbait has ever thought of doing, and now the bass have nowhere to hide. Featuring an exposed tungsten chin, the Tungsten Vibe rides in a nose down fashion, but don’t let the sheepish nature fool you, this is one tough rattle bait that won’t back down to fish or cover.