Jake Minnow

Jake MinnowThe bait to use when a big jerk bait is needed, the husky body and aggressive action of the Jake Minnow will cause big fish to drool. Little do they know that when they come looking for an easy meal, this injured minnow bites back.

Midive Minnow

Midive MinnowA heavily constructed, reinforced lip gives the Midive Minnow its distinctive, powerful action. The Midive Minnow casts easily for distance and trolls true and is durable and wear–resistant to take the punishment offshore gamefish can dish out! Tuna, yellowtail, dorado, amberjack, bluefish, and striped bass are just a few of the species that find the action of the Midive Minnow irresistible!

Sea Minnow

Sea MinnowEquipped with extra strong salt water resistant hooks and realistic baitfish patterns, the Sea Minnow is designed for active shallow–water fish. A quick erratic retrieve brings the Sea Minnow to life, provoking vicious attacks.

V–Joint Deep Dive Minnow

V–Joint Deep Dive MinnowFeaturing the same construction as the original V–Joint, V–Joint Deep Dive now runs deeper to reach fish that haven’t yet seen the natural swimming action of two pin and tenon hinges. Available in three sizes, V–Joint Deep Dive will provide any gamefish a mouthwatering morsel to grab. However, gamefish had better beware; this swimmer bites back.

V–Joint Wake Minnow

V–Joint Wake MinnowV–Joint Minnow family is complete now that V–Joint Wake Minnow has arrived. V–Joint Wake Minnow combines all of the features that have made her siblings so effective; with the ability to run the surface at any speed give the complete package. This three piece wonder is jointed by River2Sea’s exclusive Pin and Tenon hinge for smooth action and sheer strength. Bulge the surface with this beauty, and hang onto your rod.

Triho Minnow

Triho MinnowRigged with three treble hooks, the Triho Minnow is a shallow running minnow with a big bait presentation for targeting big fish. It is the lure of choice when saltwater brutes such as tarpon, permit, snook, striped bass, and ulua invade the shallows and flats looking for a meal.

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