Amoebic Jig

Amoebic JigAmoebic Metal Jig is River2sea’s quick change artist. One side profiles a highly detailed squid; the reverse side is a lifelike fish silhouette. Able to entice fish at all depths, the Amoebic metal jig is like fishing two lures in one.

Aji Jig

Aji JigA heavy abdomen keeps this metal jig more upright on the sink; and with a pumping retrieve, the concave and highly reflective sides send out pulses and flash, which trigger hard strikes. The Aji, with its lumo belly and eyes can be fished on the bottom; however it was designed to be a highly effective midwater attractor.

Zero Dropper

Zero DropperThe Zero Dropper metal jig features a long, slim, 14–ounce body that offers the least water resistance of any jig on the market today. This means the Zero Dropper metal jig will get to the bottom… and stay on the bottom… quickly and easily. Upon retrieval it creates a unique flapping signature. The Zero Dropper metal jig also features River2Sea’s exclusive “holo–lumo” half holographic / half luminous finish, guaranteeing extreme visibility of the jig in the brightest, or darkest, of lighting conditions. This finish, combined with River2Sea’s innovative hi–low eye design, will certainly attract a gamefish’s attention, resulting in hard strikes.

Turkey Slider

Turkey SliderTurkey Slider metal jig is closely related to the Zero Dropper, featuring a body weight that is evenly balanced along the length of the jig, with additional weight stacked on one side of the body. But unlike the Zero Dropper, the additional weight is molded into the shape of a triangle towards the rear of the jig. This design helps give the Turkey Slider a more angular action on the retrieve.

Sea Rock

Sea RockA metal jig designed with a 40 / 60 fashion with most of the weight towards the head of the jig. This head heavy, concave body design gives Sea Rock a wider wobble that is good for a slower, more erratic retrieve at any depth. Heavy and compact, with a lumo underside glowing even in the dark, the Sea Rock will take you deep, where the big ones lay waiting. Thru–wire construction insures the lures won’t pull apart regardless how brutal the battle is. Smaller sizes of this versatile jig can also be used in fresh water fishing.

Knife Jig

Knife JigKnife Jig is ideal for reaching deeper depths without excessive weights. The tail weighted design and long, thin body allows even light tackle enthusiasts a chance to target deep–water fish. When retrieved, Knife jig presents erratic actions, with holographic eyes and lumo belly, certainly a predator’s attention will be captured, and reaction bite will be triggered. Thru-wire construction insures the lures won’t pull apart no matter how epic the fight is.

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