Tungsten Taper Spoon

Tungsten Taper SpoonNot “just another spoon”, the D18 Tungsten Taper Spoon is heavier than most spoons its size thanks to River2Sea’s D18 Tungsten. This combination of weight and compact size results in long effortless casts; the Tungsten Taper Spoon swims with a tantalizing wiggle trout and panfish find irresistible.

Tungsten Carolina Split

Tungsten Carolina SplitOver the years the benefits of cylindrical weights for split shotting and Carolina rigging has been well known by anglers. River2Sea Carolina Split combines the proven shape of a cylinder with the improvement of our D18 tungsten material. The hardness of the Tungsten Carolina Split will enhance not only the feel of the bottom, but the smaller size helps improve snag resistance. Carolina Split comes in four sizes for fishing at any depth. Tungsten Carolina Split has line protection inserts, making it suitable for use with even the lightest fishing line.

Tungsten Trash Bomb

Tungsten Trash BombCompact and heavy, River2Sea’s Trash Bomb is one of its kind in the “penetrating sinker” market. Trash Bomb combines the time–tested qualities of D18 tungsten, with the touches that have made River2Sea a leader in tungsten technology. Trash Bomb comes with line protection inserts to guard against unwanted line breakage. Trash Bomb also features River2Sea’s exclusive Natural Matte finishes in black and brown designed to blend with the industries’ most popular soft plastic colors. Natural Matte Finishes also avoid spooking fish by eliminating unnatural flash caused by glossy finishes.

Tungsten Tumbler

Tungsten TumblerFeaturing the distinct shape of a horn, Tumbler is perfectly suited for fishing bottom hugging soft plastics such as creature baits or crawdad imitations. The advantage to this shape is that Tumbler is less prone to snagging than conventional shapes, as it will rock over the obstruction. Available in four sizes, from 3 / 16 to 1 / 2–ounce, Tumbler is made from River2Sea’s D18 Tungsten Material. Available in an exclusive “Clear Matte Finish”.

Tungsten Worm Weight

Tungsten Worm WeightFeaturing all of the benefits of D18 Tungsten; coupled with line protection inserts and an exclusive Natural Matte Finish, River2sea Tungsten Worm Weights are setting the standard in price and performance. Tungsten Worm Weights come in Natural Matte Black, Green and Brown.

Tungsten Nail Sinker

Tungsten Nail SinkerA popular approach to weighting down soft plastics has been the advent of small ”Nail Sinkers“ to add small amounts of weight internally to soft plastic lures. Made from the revolutionary D18 Tungsten material, River2sea Nail Sinker has the added benefit of being smaller than lead, thus reducing impedance of hookset. Tungsten Nail Sinkers feature barbs to help keep the sinker in place.

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