Wood'n Waddle Frog

Wood'n Waddle FrogWood’n Waddle Frog is unlike any other frog on the market. The metal “wings” fold on the cast and unfold on the retrieve. With short jerks of the rod tip, the metal wings splash water forward. On a steady retrieve, the metal wings will cause the frog to waddle from side to side while the soft vinyl legs kick back and forth.

Wood'n Minnow

Wood'n MinnowWood’n Minnow will get a predator’s attention! Pin & Tenon hinge gives the tail a frantic action that moves with tenacity. Wood’n Minnow mimics a frightened baitfish trying to avoid becoming someone’s next meal!

Wood'n Sunfish

Wood'n SunfishWood’n Sunfish is designed to represent members of the sunfish family, which are a food source for predators such as bass and pike. River2Sea’s exclusive Pin & Tenon hinge gives the Wood’n Sunfish a purposeful wiggle that is brings to mind the darting actions of a panfish. Use in the shallows to draw big strikes from aggressive, protecting pre and post spawn gamefish.

Wood'n Slither

Wood'n SlitherThe Wood’n Slither will almost lull you to sleep with its gentle “S” swimming action; that is until a fish tries to take the rod out of your hands. Using the best Indonesian Jelutong wood and a beautiful thirty coat paint process, this bait will get the attention of trophy fish and withstand the rigors of fighting them.