Arrow T

Arrow TArrow T squid is designed with a hard body to run true through the water and soft lifelike tentacles to entice vicious strikes from hungry predators. It is common knowledge that squid are a favorite food item for many of the world’s great saltwater gamefish, and River2Sea’s Arrow T squid is sure to attract their attention! The Arrow T squid also comes in a variety of color combinations sure to match any fishing conditions you are likely to encounter.

Apex Plug

Apex PlugApex Plug is a classic cedar saltwater trolling plug with angular sides and a specially weighted bottom designed to keep the bait stable as it emits the frantic action of a wounded baitfish. Apex is designed for trolling at slow or high speeds and erratically darts while trolled just under the surface for all sorts of saltwater schooling fish. Run your line through the sleeve in the body and tie to the included Mustad 3412 long shank hook and hit the open seas. Apex is available in three sizes and four of River2Sea’s premium hand painted finishes.